Moving Your Family To A New Place

3 Steps For Moving With Small Children

Whether you’re relocating across town or to another state, the moving process can be a stressful one if you don’t plan it out properly — especially when you have small children in tow. Knowing what to expect and how to minimize the chaos of this transition can prove just as important to your venture’s overall success as choosing the right local movers for the job. Here are three steps you should take when you and your little ones set off for a new life in a new home.

1. Medical Preparations

Every member of your family should be well enough to travel before you hop into the car for your move. While this is especially true for long-distance journeys, it also applies to more local moves because of the overall stress of the big day itself. For one thing, emotional and physical stresses are known to lower resistance to infectious …

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Weathering The Storm: Tips For Protecting Your Boat During A Nasty Storm

Nothing compares to enjoying a relaxing day cruising around in your boat on calm waters. Unfortunately, there will also be days when the ocean, lake or river isn’t so peaceful, and a storm threatens to tear your boat apart. Luckily, with a little preparation and some quick thinking, it’s possible to save your boat from being damaged – or even destroyed. If you can’t put your boat in storage, here are a few tips to help ensure it stays as safe as possible during the storm:

Is Moving My Boat the Best Option?

The option to move your boat before the storm is the best option available, especially if you have time and a boat storage unit available. The best place for your boat during any type of storm is on land in a secure facility.

Check out a site like to learn more about storage options if you …

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